What’s Your Level of Stress?

Stressed, but not sure why or how much? Take the test and discover your stress level.

Regardless of your score, everyone could use a little reminder on how to manage stress. So be sure to read about these stress-relieving tips so you can keep your cool through the holidays and beyond.

Add one point for each “Yes” answer.

  • I am over 50 years old            

I am concerned about:

  •   Work and/or finances            
  •   My health and/or weight            
  •   Having enough time in my life            
  •   Sleeping well            
  •   My diet and/or digestion            
  •   Getting enough exercise            
  •   Relaxing or meditating            
  •   Feeling overwhelmed/anxious            
  •   Self-medicating to reduce stress            

Add it all up and get your total stress score.

  • 0-3: Low stress
  • 4-6: Moderate stress
  • 7-10: Significant stress