Natural Ways to Enhance and Sustain Your Libido

The word “libido” is from the Latin libido, which means “desire, willfulness.” It’s akin to the Latin libere, which means “to be pleasing.” Libido is defined as the instinctual energies of the unconscious nervous system (the Id, in Freudian terms), which control our sexual and innate human drives.

If you feel your libido is on the decline because of age, there are many natural and safe ways to restore it. Here are a few:

Love and Care for Yourself

Eat well and maintain regular physical activity to keep your hormones in balance and stimulate your endorphins. We need adequate protein and fats to build our hormones; cholesterol is the precursor of most hormones, so when it’s too low or too high, this can cause problems.

Treat yourself to a massage and beauty treatments, take a fresh look at your wardrobe and your overall appearance. By recognizing that there’s a beautiful person there, you will allow yourself the freedom to express your sensual side.


The greatest downer for the libido is isolation, and keeping your emotions inside is a recipe for disaster. Reach out to your spouse or partner and share your feelings. Explaining why you have a low libido through communication is key to overcoming what may be limiting your drive. Once your partner understands not only your physical but emotional pain they can understand what you´re going through and will help you handle your feelings.

Consider Your Hormonal Profile

Since much of our libido is based in the amounts and ratios of hormones in our bodies, it’s important to understand if our hormones are out of balance. This is best done under the guidance of a healthcare practitioner, especially one who subscribes to natural approaches to hormone balancing and management, like Dr. Elson.

Take a Fresh Look at Your Lifestyle

Getting out of old ruts and reinventing yourself can go a long way to reinvigorating your libido. Change a few habits. Look at the quality and amount of food you eat. Eating balanced foods that are organic and high in proteins and vitamins will not only improve your sexual appetite and desire, but will also provide a generally healthy life.

Examine the techniques you use (or don’t use) to reduce stress, like yoga or acupuncture. Consider ways to improve your exercise and sleep life. And if you’re prone to drinking, tone down it down and see what happens. Alcohol can help you overcome nerves on a date but imbibing too much can lead to many less desirable effects, not the least of which is looking like a bumbling fool in front of your date. A couple glasses of wine can get you in the right mood but downing more than half a bottle can only lead to a muddled head and a loss of libido.

Remember, the loss of your libido doesn’t mean the end of your sex life–It’s only a temporary problem, and there are many natural solutions. Use one or several different approaches to treating your libido and it will come back even stronger.