Spring is a Good Time to Revisit Your Resolutions

One way to look at making positive changes in our life is to focus on a few key areas—namely our diet, lifestyle or the personal products we use, making them more natural and less synthetic or chemically based.  Even a few such changes in our life will add up over an entire year.  Imagine how much better our body and mind might feel if we eliminated artificial compounds, chemicals and toxins from our food, beverages, clothing and personal care products.  GMO-tom

Here are some tips:

  • Buy organic, non-GMO foods whenever possible, and support local producers and farmer’s markets
  • Avoid personal care products with artificial ingredients and preservatives—ask at your local natural food store or natural pharmacy for the best products
  • Whenever possible, walk instead of drive, and if you must drive, park far away from your destination and take advantage of fresh air and moderate exercise
  • Consider that your bedding, rugs and carpets are of the highest natural quality, and if not, replace them as soon as you are able
  • Determine if your home has any unhealthy paint or other surface coatings and replace them when you are able

If we look at just one area of unhealthy exposure—pesticides—we can see how important making changes can be.  People can be exposed to pesticides in three ways:

  • Breathing (inhalation exposure)
  • Getting it into the mouth or digestive tract (oral exposure).
  • Contact with the skin or eyes (dermal exposure).

pesticidesPesticides can enter the body by any one or all three of these routes. Inhalation exposure happens if you breathe air containing pesticide molecules, either in the form of a vapor, an aerosol, or attached to small particles like dust. Oral exposure happens when you eat food or drink liquids containing pesticides. Dermal exposure happens when your skin is exposed to pesticides. This can cause irritation and burns on the skin surface, and in more serious cases, your skin can absorb the pesticide into the body, causing other more serious health effects.

My friend Beth Greer (www.supernaturalmom.com ) has a great series of articles on her website, most recently:

  • Is Antibacterial Soap Making Your Kids Fat? How Hormone Disruptors Wreak Havoc on Health

Beth’s book, The Super Natural Home, is a treasure of such information and resources.

Even if you make modest improvements in one or more of these areas it could have a profound impact upon your health, the health of your family, friends and co-workers, and your pets.


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